Timeless, Boundless, Infinite

Providing support for Aliveness, communion and well-being for

those at later stages of awareness

Research on ancient and modern approaches to human development indicates that human consciousness grows through stages — from conventional to post-conventional and then to the latest known stages of awareness.

Though there are many programs for those relating to the world from conventional and post-conventional stages, there are few resources or even reflections from society for those who can see through the constructed nature of human belief systems and perceive the evolutional and connected nature of reality.

If you happen to be one of these later-stage practitioners, then we invite you to explore our offerings. Here you may find the support and community you have been searching for.


Welcome to BELiGHT!


Join one of our global on-line programs and practice with others who are growing their capacity to live in the present moment while perceiving the vastness of existence.

One on One Support

Contact us to learn about opportunities for one-on-one support and guidance. We have a wonderful community of late-stage practitioners who offer individual sessions.

Late Stages of Awareness

Find out what we mean by Later Stages and explore additional resources on late stages of Awareness to support your personal and spiritual learning and growth.