Clear Light

A global virtual practice group for individuals stabilized at late stages of awareness.

By invitation or referral.

Dates for the next offering of the Clear Light series, likely in late 2023 or 2024, are not yet available.

Are you seeking greater aliveness in every moment?

Many individuals at late stages of development can feel overwhelmed with the boundlessness of perspectives and can lose connection with their own ever-present aliveness. By returning to one’s embodied humanness and expanding our awareness toward the All, we cultivate greater aliveness.

Are you yearning for a different type of communion?

Perhaps your heart desires a different kind of communion, one that understands the value of embodied and energetic presence. An experience where deep soulful human-beingness is encouraged and valued as much as the vastness of Awareness Itself.  As we enter, foreground, and stabilize the awareness that we are Awareness Itself, we never feel alone again.

With so many perspectives to experience, how do you allow wholeness and rest in Well-Being?

You may be consumed with the need to process life’s infinite loose ends. There’s another way that is revealed when you turn toward formless Awareness. From Awareness Itself,  any disturbance resolves itself into peace, clarity, wholeness and well-Being.

When You Participate in Clear Light You Will Receive

  • More than 10 hours of live online practice (8×80 minute sessions). 
  • A diverse range of group practices exploring and clarifying the timeless, boundless, infinite nature of Awareness.
  • Ongoing access to an ever-expanding Resources Map to support your ongoing practice with late-stage Awareness.

  • The opportunity to connect with a global community of late-stage practitioners. 

Join Us!

In Exploring These and Other Qualities of Late-Stage Awareness in

Clear Light

A Global Virtual Practice Group

By invitation or referral

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by late stage awareness?

Extensive psychological research suggests that individual learning, growth and development unfolds through a sequence of “stages” that support increased capacities for presence, complexity and inclusion. We’ve included additional detail outlining the two fundamental pathways for understanding later stages of Awareness here.

What's the intention of the Clear light practice group series?

The intention of the Clear Light Practice Series is to provide late-stage practitioners with a collective experience of a presence that accepts whatever is occurring and transmutes it back into clear light—Awareness Itself.

do i need to attend all eight clear light practice sessions?

Clear Light is structured to support you in establishing and stabilising greater clarity, connection and communion with Awareness Itself.  We invite you to attend all sessions if you can – as your presence benefits both you and the collective group; however, it is not mandatory to attend all Clear Light group practice sessions.

Is Each Clear Light Practice Session Recorded?

Although we appreciate that practitioners joining a Clear Light Practice Group series may be unable to join some sessions, sessions are not recorded. In our experience, Clear Light’s intention of collectively presencing Awareness Itself, in the moment – doesn’t lend itself to sessions being recorded.

What support do you provide if I find the sessions psychologically challenging?

Practitioners joining a Clear Light Practice Group Series are supported by the collective presence of its members.  In addition, practitioners engaged in a Clear Light Practice Group Series are invited to establish smaller informal groups with other late-stage practitioners who are also engaged in the series. If you desire additional guidance and support, you can access our list of a specially selected group of deeply skilled and experienced late-stage therapists and coaches who are available to provide one-on-one support.

What are some of the benefits of joining Clear Light Practice Group?

Each practitioner who joins a Clear Light Practice Group Series benefits in ways unique to them and their life’s unique unfolding. Participants have described release of physical, energetic and/or mental contractions. Others have stabilized their capacity to remain present as vast Awareness while experiencing deeper equanimity and bliss through their unique human expression.  Each practice group aims to explore ideas and practices to support our shared and mutual evolution to benefit ourselves, future generations and a more beautiful existence on earth.

Dates for the next offering of the Clear Light series, likely in late 2023 or 2024, are not yet available.