About Belight

Belight is emerging to support the evolution of humanity. Our focus is on witnessing, honoring, and fostering the embodied presence and potential of those edging towards timeless, boundless, and infinite awareness.

At Belight we invite deep presence, clarity, connection, love, equanimity and a felt sense of the timeless, boundless Awareness that permeates all. We understand that true presence cannot be described in language and that the deepest clarity comes from a willingness “not to know.”

From this willingness to let go of constructed reality we find the deepest felt sense through our human being-ness of truth, love, wholeness and wonder.  

Join us as we explore ideas and practices to support our mutual evolution to benefit future generations and a more beautiful existence on earth.

We offer Late-Stage practitioners resources and connections with others who value life-long integration of body, mind and spirit




We value energetic embodiment that includes a distribution of Awareness through the entire body, the presencing and dissolution of any unresolved shadow, and a clear flow of energy through the entire being that generates a felt sense of peace, aliveness, and spontaneous contribution.


We recognize that the true nature of Mind is relaxed and spacious, infinite, and free of obsessive or elaborated thought. Emptiness is the foundation through which information is perceived from and through a non-local alignment with All.  Inspiration flows with clarity and rings true through the fullness of Being.


We are realizing that we are formless Awareness expressing itself in and through all forms. Each of us happens to be concentrated in an individual human body. As we align and unite our individual being with Awareness Itself we find and become our unique, spontaneous and authentic contribution in service of the Whole.


Melissa Ransdell

Melissa Ransdell


Melissa Ransdell helps individuals and groups discover clarity and simplicity through a down-to-earth approach. Through her evolving consulting and collaboration practice, she offers a late-stage perspective to inform and orient leaders, systems, and organizations toward the expanding potential and possibilities available in each moment.

Richard Harmer

Richard Harmer


Richard Harmer brings a deeply developmental approach to supporting individuals, groups, and communities to unlock potential and realise greater freedom. Foundational to his approach is grounding the in-the-moment awareness of individuals and collectives and inviting people to fully embody life’s unfolding.

Venita  Ramirez

Venita Ramirez


Venita Ramirez creates and facilitates spaces for individuals and groups to relax their mind and body, bring awareness to their felt sense of aliveness, and awaken to a more vital way of being human. She especially enjoys supporting late stage individuals to enjoy a deeper refinement of peace, happiness, and wholeness.